Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Know The Times We Are In

I want everyone to understand the times that we are in. We are living in the last of "The Last Days." We are at the doorstep of the "End of The Age." Jesus commanded us to keep watch (Matthew 24:42-44), less the Son of Man comes as a thief in the night. 

I am finding that more and more Christians are spiritually asleep. They are not aware of the signs of the times and they are not keeping an eye on the "fig tree" (Israel).

People are too wrapped up in church functions, prosperity, popularity, bills (yes, I said bills), getting a man or woman, retirement, or "not offending anybody" instead of bearing witness to the truth. And it is the "TRUTH" that will set you free. 

Saints, your money is NOT going to save you, your religious routines are NOT going to save you. The government is NOT going to save you, the president sure as heck ain't gonna save you (or anyone else for that matter), your pastor is NOT going to save you, your mama and daddy praying for you is NOT going to save you! Only Jesus Christ (Yeshua), knowing Him, and enduring until the end is going to save you! 

This isn't about race, denominations, theories, religious doctrines, or how long you've been saved. All Jesus cares about is; does He know you (not, do you know Him -Matthew 7:21-23), and are you bearing His fruit. He said the tree that bears no fruit will be axed down and thrown into the fire (Matthew 7:19). 

We need to focus on what is important. Ask yourself this question; Do I have enough oil in my lamp? Am I producing the fruit of the Spirit? Is Christ TRULY first in my life?

People; The Rapture is real. The Antichrist is alive. War is coming. Time is running out. 

Rearrange your life while there is yet still time. Jesus WILL soon return. Are you ready? 

Mena Lee

Faithful Walk Healing Ministries

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