Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Importance of Obeying The Lord (Adonai)

You know, it is so important that when the voice of the Lord speaks to you, that you listen. I think the most frightful thing I continue to encounter, is when people tell me that the Lord has given them a word, a warning,or confirmation before, or when they say; "God has been dealing with me on this..." and yet they still return to the very situation they were warned to leave.

We need to make sure that when the Lord SAYS; WE DO...Period. And stop making internal, sub-conscience excuses as to why you should stay, linger or casually withdraw yourselves. When you do this, I want you to understand that this is rebellion. And the bible states that Rebellion is as to witchcraft (1 Samuel 15:23).

The Lord sent me into a church a couple of weeks ago, to expose a couple who were operating as a false prophet (wife) and teacher (husband). I was invited by a lady who I am currently mentoring. She prayed and asked the Lord to send me, but she specifically told the Lord that He would have to tell me, because she did not want to ask. Well I didn't know this until the Spirit of the Lord pressed me to visit this church, and I called the lady and told her. Then she revealed to me what her prayer request was. This couple are not the leaders of the church, but had a leadership role. It was very powerful how the Lord used me to expose them (I won't go into detail due to the length), and two days later, I spent several hours with the pastor over the phone. I had to rebuke her because first, she was out of the will of God. But in addition, she knew that something about this couple wasn't right, and yet she allowed them to have positions in her church. Her excuse was; "Well I thought maybe I could help them." But the fatal consequence of her "being nice" was that wolves entered into her fold, and the sheep were devoured.

The illustration I use in my ministry, and for those I mentor is this; If Satan rang your doorbell and said he had a box of thin mint girl-scout cookies, and you knew those were your favorite cookies in the whole wide world; would you say to yourself, "I'll let him in, I'll just plead the Blood of Jesus on him and my house." The answer is not just NO, but Heck-2-The-No! But yet we do this all the time with the vary people and situations that Satan is using and involved with. We're under the illusion that merely if someone is a "Christian" they can't be used by Satan, or when they are being used, it's okay because they're human. If the demons in that person is greater than your faith; RUN! And I say this because everyone doesn't know their authority in Christ; especially the babes. And we need not to underestimate Satan. He will sit in your church, preach from the pulpit, come to your house, call you on the phone, befriend you on Facebook, and on and on.

I was in a meeting with Benny Hinn about five years ago, and he had everyone in the room to stand up. He told us to look to our left and to our right, and we did. Then he said; "What I'm about to say will shock and upset some of you; but I must say it because it is the truth. Everyone you know is not going to get saved, and everyone you know is saved, is not going to make it in." It was then that I began to realize that you can't take everyone with you on your journey. And as the Lord calls you higher, you must follow His will; even if that means you must leave someone you care about behind. Everyone wants the anointing in their lives, yet we are not willing to count the cost. In order to qualify for the anointing, YHVH-God is looking for those who are not attached to people, the past or possessions. If you cannot walk away from these things as you are called, you will not qualify for the anointing of the Lord.

Spiritual Food For Thought.

Mena Lee Grebin
Faithful Walk Healing Ministries