Friday, June 10, 2016

Are You An Inbred Christian?

One of the things that has plagued the church today is what I call the "Inbred Christian". What is meant by this? It happens when a church, congregation or an individual believer has no more relation to the outside world, but instead has its own "Christian Churchy Culture". When believers do this, they end up segregating themselves from the very world that needs their influence the most. And what one doesn't know is that you can get so into the "Christian culture", that you can actually lose your connection with the Spirit of the Lord, miss your purpose, and eventually become weaker.

See, if you’re not stepping out and taking new ground for the Lord, advancing the Gospel and sharing it with unbelievers, you are at risk of becoming an inbred Christian. Why did YHVH-God eventually ban inbreeding in the Torah? Because genetically it led to weakened immune systems, which made one to be more vulnerable to diseases, and if you're diseased, you cannot survive.

If you keep a child in a dirt and germ free environment for years, what will happen once that child visits the outside world? They will become deathly ill because their body will not know how to cope and fight off infection. The same thing happens with us the spirit realm. The Lord did not call us out of darkness, into the light to only stay in the light. What's the point? Do you go home at night and turn on every light in the house to see? What is the benefit of a hundred lights being in the same room? None. But if you turn on one light in the midst of the darkness, well then, now it's worth goes a long way. When you only hang out with the light, you can forget where you came from and what the whole point was. Jesus tells us that the whole point of being the light of the world is so that our light shines before men that the Father will be glorified (Matthew 5:14-16). See Christ was the light that shine in the darkness (John 1:4-5); this was His purpose of coming. But the Pharisees couldn't comprehend this, and they criticized Him for mingling with the poor, the sick, whores, tax collectors, murders, drunks and the Gentiles. They missed the point; it was for the sick that He came; for those who had lost their way in the dark. He was and is the light that shines in the darkness so that those who are lost can now see their way. It’s the fallow ground that bears the most fruit. Fruit trees next to fruit trees are not going to get picked. The fruit will eventually rot and fall to the ground; a waste.

It's time to come out of our "inbred" state of mind. Instead of sitting around the table debating about denominations, feasts, Sabbaths, my church, my pastor, race, which you should eat or drink, or how should you clothe yourselves, we should be out in the field, reaping the harvest; reaching "The Least of These" mentioned in Matthew 25:31-46. Get out of your comfort zone and begin transforming the areas that have not been touched yet. The Spirit of the Lord cannot be exercised to its fullest in your life while in a comfort zone.

Spiritual Food For Thought
Mena Lee Grebin
Faithful Walk Healing Ministries